Heavy Lifting & Equipment Hire

Durham Lifting carry a wide range of lifting equipment and can supply almost any item of rigging equipment for either hire or sale. Whether you are lifting 1Tonne or 4000Tonne Durham Lifting can work with you to provide an Engineered Solution to your specific application.

Modular Beam systems are available for a range of lifting applications.  Durham Lifting’s Range is shortly increasing to 1000Tonne beam system’s.

Modular Spreader Beam Hire

Durham Lifting’s range of Modular Spreader Beams are available from 50Tonne to 600Tonne in a variety of lengths. The systems can be modified to your specific application and are supplied fully dressed with the relevant shackles, wire rope slings etc.

  • Up to 600Tonne SWL
  • Full range of Modular Spreader and Lifting Beams
  • Available at various lengths up to 20mtrs
  • Full range of Wire Rope Slings and Shackles to suit your application

Lifting Tackle Hire

  • Chain slings G8 and G10 up to 36mm
  • Webbing/round slings ranging from 1Tonne – 300Tonne
  • Shackles ranging from 1Tonne – 900Tonne
  • Lifting points/Eyebolts everyday lifting or subsea application
  • Chain blocks ranging from 1Tonne – 20Tonne, onshore and offshore,
    spark proof units available
  • Lever hoist Standard, zinc, light duty and heavy duty
  • Tirfor machines Wires, winching attachments also available
  • Winching systems Electric, Manual, large or small
  • Davit Cranes Man riding, Pillar Jib Crane or column mounted A
    frames aluminium, Steel ranging up to 5Tonne
  • Manhole lifting standard certified items of special block lifters
  • Man Riding Cages forklift or Crane system available
  • Forklift attachments many different types available
  • Hydraulic Jacks Tangye range of systems, 1Tonne – 100Tonne
  • Safety harness/man riding harness budget range and quality range available
    complete with fall arrest blocks, safety attachments under
    EN795 standards
  • Lifting Clamps various Camlock Ranges available
  • Machinery movements Skates, Jacks, Packers, Stools all available
  • Hoisting systems Electric, Manual, Air – inside and outdoor use
  • Wire Ropes Galvanised or Stainless Steel available in all sizes and
    all end fittings – wire rope sockets, terminations etc.
  • Sheave Blocks single, double, triple – many options
  • Trolleys, Stackers pallet trucks, hydraulic trolleys, hydraulic stacker trucks
    – many options available
  • Lifting Beams designed to spec or select from standard range
  • Fixings, buckles Turnbuckles, Galv or Stainless Steel
  • Hook Blocks various ranges of Crane Hook Blocks, single, triple
  • Marine manilla rope, towing lines, lifting, Dyneema slings,
    standard wagon ropes
  • Marine Chain Mooring chain, kenter shackles etc….

Load Measure Equipment Hire

  • Tensile Load Links – Covering a Range from 5tonne to 100tonne
  • Compressive Load Cells

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