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BMZ Hydraulic Puller set with separate hydraulics – Pulling force Max 10, 15 and 23Tonnes


Hydraulic Puller Kits with integrated hydraulics – Model: BMZ ‘Modular’.  Ranging from 10tonne to 23tonne

Puller Set with Separate Hydraulic Components – 10, 15, & 23 Tonnes

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Product Description


Model Capacity Tonne Hydraulic Cylinder Model Hand Pump Model Hydraulic Hose Stroke of Cylinder mm Maximum Arm Reach Maximum Dia mm Weight kg
BMZ-1000 10 None None None 300 350 9.5
BMZ-1010 10 YS-10/150 HPS-2/0.7 HHC-20 150 300 350 21.5
BMZ-1500 15 None None None 300 350 9.5
BMZ-1510 15 YS-15-150 HPS-2/0.7 HHC-20 150 300 350 23.5
BMZ-2300 23 None None None 190 700 28.0
BMZ-2311 23 YS-23/160 HPS-2/0.7 HHC-20 160 190 700 45.0


Hydraulic pullers are an invaluable tool for the Maintenance Engineer.  The pullers provide time and cost savings, as they offer a high level of working safety and can be operated in all positions.

Hydraulic pullers are used in all kinds of industries, workshops and in many repair and assembly jobs to remove or install interference fit parts such as: gears, couplings, bearings, wheels, pulleys, axles, shafts, brake drums and many other press fit components.

Other types and capacity pullers are also available upon request.  Please contact our Sales Team for further details.


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BMZ1000, BMZ1010, BMZ1500, BMZ1510, BMZ2300, BMZ2311