Software & Systems

This wired and wireless windows based software, and full line of accessories, allow for the easy acquisition and manipulation of force and load monitoring data. Viewing and simultaneous data logging has never before been this simple.  The easy to use software solutions provide for the printing of load reports, confirmation of mass and centre of gravity, and allow for the concurrent display and data logging of up to 24 wireless load cells from a single PC.

Product Description

Software & Systems

The full range of accessories give you the option of either, wired or wireless PC and PLC integration via an Analogue or Serial output, wireless overload notification and the ability to increase wireless range and coverage via an active repeater/signal booster module.  All of our system solutions and accessories are in stock and are ready for quick delivery to anywhere in the world.

Wireless Centre of Gravity Software – WCOGS
Our wireless centre of gravity system uses telemetry compression load cells and a simple to use but powerful software package to analyse individual load cell loads in real-time and print / save a full centre of gravity analysis report.  Between 3-8 load cells of the same capacity can be used an any one time. The system combines an extremely intuitive windows based software package and the industry transforming Wireless compression load cells to create a time saving, cost effective and user friendly system for confirmation of mass and the calculation of centre of gravity. The system can weigh and calculate centre of gravity on objects and structures weighing anywhere from 20 tons to 4000 tons.

Datalogging Software SW-MWLC

The software for Windows PC’s allows up to 24 of our wireless load cells (Radiolink or Wireless load shackles) to be viewed and logged cable free to a CSV. file. You can configure the number of loadcells (max24) and set extra channels to sum data for record peaks etc.  These configurations can be saved and re-loaded at any time.