Yale LM Cable Pullers

The Yaletrac range of portable pullers provide a versatile tool for pulling, lifting, tensioning and securing loads long distances.  They are easy and safe to use and are almost service free.

It has a light weight, compact, high tensile aluminium alloy housing with a large flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal as well as vertical working position.

Specifically designed for applications within industry, building construction, civil engineering, ship building, power line construction and oil refineries etc. Yale also manufacture and ‘all steel’ unit designed specifically for the mining industry.

Yale hoists and trolleys are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose.

800kg-3200kg daN

Model EAN-No. 4025092*Capacity WLL KgRope advance per double stroke in mmLever pull at WLL daNLever length mmRope Diameter mmWeight Without Rope KgRope Weight Kg/m
Y 08 *051811 80060248008.470.29
Y 16*051828 16006030790/119011.5140.53
Y 32 *078870 32004050790/1190 16211

500kg-900kg daN

Model EAN-No. 4025092*Pulling Force daN1 Legged Design Hook Path mHeadroom mmPulling Force daN2 Legged Design Hook Path mHeadroom mmWeight KgLever Length mmHook Opening mmRope Diameter mm
115 DV-B *772935004.655010002.37004.5420224.8
202 WN-VB *077309 5006525100036905.2520224.8
434 WN-VB *077316 500955010004.57105.8530224.8
S 434 WN-VB *077491 7006565140037256530225.6
S 404 WN-VB*0773239005.257518002.67205.9635226.4



  • Eye sling hook with safety latch
  • Longer ropes
  • Drum reel
  • Storage box