Straightpoint Data Logging Software – DCP10M

Durham Lifting’s Straightpoint Data Logging Software – DCP10M is a Windows based software package. DCP10M simply plugs into the spare port on the loadcell and connects to a Windows based PC, laptop or tablet.  This easy to use software allows the operator to view live loads, control the loadcell on screen and then log data using either of two methods. The first method allows the operator to set up a time interval and then load data directly into a .csv file by time and date as the test is happening.  The file can then be opened in Microsoft Excel and the data analysed; this is especially useful for dynamic load monitoring applications. Secondly, the software will allow the operator to generate a single load report within Microsoft Word – this report details the load applied and the time and date of test.  This function is very useful in testing applications where an ultimate load needs to be achieved and recorded. DCP10M is supplied with a 10metre or 30 foot cable assembly, other lengths are available on application. A spare USB port is required.