Abtech HONOROPE-T Horizontal Lifeline

Durham Lifting’s Abtech HONOROPE-T Horizontal Lifeline is a simple and quick to install temporary horizontal rope system. The HONOROPE-T gives up to 5 users a safe temporary anchor system up to 25 meters in length. May be used in combination with lanyards or fall arrest blocks.

Conformance: EN-795 CLASS C

Technical Specification

  • Max Span – 25 meters
  • Max. 5 Users/System
  • Maximum end loads 7,7 kN
  • Rope – 16 mm kernmantel, static (art.no: R010.330.004)
  • Eyelet in rope (1x): HoPress 16 mm (art.nr: R010.330.007)
  • RVT (1x), SS, 16 mm (art.nr: R010.330.007)
  • Scaffold Hook (2x), quicklock, type C734 (art.nr: R024.001.005)