MultiSec C-Hooks / Coil Lifters

Multisec C-Hooks

Explore MultiSec’s range of C-Hooks and Coil Lifters at Durham Lifting. When it comes to lifting steel coils, reels, and tubes, safety and efficiency are paramount. Limited headroom can make lifting these materials challenging and potentially hazardous.

MultiSec C-hooks are manufactured in accordance with FEM standards, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of safety and quality. They offer a standard safety factor of 4:1, meaning that they are designed to handle loads up to four times their rated capacity, providing an extra margin of safety.

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MultiSec Container Lifting Frames

Multisec Container Lifting Frames

Explore MultiSec’s range of Container Lifting Frames at Durham Lifting. MultiSec Container Lifting Frames are essential equipment for lifting ISO Shipping Containers. These frames are specially designed to work with overhead cranes, container handlers, or reach stackers.

The MultiSec Container Lifting Frames are built to order, and our skilled and experienced Engineering Team can tailor them to meet your specific requirements.