Electrically and manual 360° rotated column Jib Cranes - GRL series

  • Max. capacity 2,000 kg
  • Jibs from 2 to 7 m
  • Rotation: Manual /electric 360°
  • Column in press forged steel with a tubular structure for high stability.
  • Rotating arm allowing maximum use of the hook run of the hoist/trolley installed. 360° arm rotation ensured by a highly reliable motor reducer.
  • Rotation mechanism by means of a thrust bearing to support both axial pushes due to vertical forces and the tilting momentum due to the movement.
  • Motor reducer consisting of an epicyclical reducer in an oil bath combined with a self-braking conical motor.
  • Fixing system using a foundation plinth and lug bolts or counter plates and chemical anchor bolts.
  • Electrical power supply: the power line to power the trolley-hoist is formed by flexible
  • flat fire-retardant multipolar cables festooned on the sliding trolleys on the lower flange of the beam.
The new GRL jib crane can be converted from manual to electric, even after it has been purchased, with an adapter kit available on request.

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