Durham Lifting’s Abtech ARACHNIPOD Bridge System – The world’s most versatile modular total edge management system is unique to the Arachnipod. The bridge is used for spanning larger openings or voids where a regular tripod, A-frame or quadpod would not be able to, such as trenches, large holes, mines and lift shafts.

The Arachnipod in its basic form, is a Tripod. It consists of three telescoping legs, each pivotally connected to an Anodised head. The Head is produced from Aluminium extrusion, with cutouts down each side. These cutouts allow two or more heads to connect together, with the aid of a Qik-link pin, similar to a hinge. This joint system allows for the quick and simple addition or removal of legs and/or bridge beam, to create different configurations.

Available from Durham Lifting. Fast dispatch from the UK.

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