Abtech SLIXRR Rapid Response

Durham Lifting’s Abtech SLIXRR Rapid Response is a simple, low cost, robust stretcher that can be deployed very quickly and is X Ray transparent.  Ideal for Mass Casualty Evacuations!

Conformance: CE 9342/EEX CLASS 1

Product Description

This stretcher has one tiny stainless spring in each buckle, can be dragged along floors, narrow corridors, up companion ways, along sewer pipes, up railway embankments, across open ground and the skin is low friction, does not ruckle or snag.  This unit weighs in at under 6 kg, it’s fast fit/adjust buckles rated at 200K with 6 easy grip carry handles. All closure/carry handles are user replaceable.

Conformance: CE 9342/EEX CLASS 1