Durham Lifting Embarks on a New Era of Leadership and Innovation Under Amanda and Paul Gardiner's Full Ownership

23rd January, 2024

Durham Lifting has reached a historic milestone with Amanda and Paul Gardiner, boasting a collective experience of 70 years, taking full ownership of the business. This 100% acquisition marks a generational shift in leadership, solidifying the Gardiners’ dedication to propelling Durham Lifting to unprecedented heights of innovation and service.

Paul Gardiner, a qualified Design Engineer with expertise in technical aspects and visionary business development, has been instrumental in driving Durham Lifting’s technological edge. His proficiency in proof load testing, installation, and design has not only ensured the company’s continued success but has also set industry benchmarks. Paul’s foresight and commitment to excellence have been key drivers in positioning Durham Lifting as a leader in the lifting solutions market.

Amanda Gardiner’s 35-year tenure at the helm of Durham Lifting has seen the company achieve a multi-million-pound turnover and launch the international brand Multisec® in 2020. Multisec’s globally acclaimed products, manufactured in the Northeast of England, underscore Amanda’s foresight and the collective effort of the Durham Lifting team.

Amanda Gardiner expressed her pride, stating, “Taking full ownership of Durham Lifting is a proud moment for us, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We’re ready to lead Durham Lifting into a future filled with innovation, growth, and continued success.”

Paul Gardiner also shared his enthusiasm for the new chapter, “With a bright future ahead, we are dedicated to building a team with the technical ability to support the growth of the lifting equipment industry to meet future challenges.”

The recent investment in a 3000-tonne testing machine and the expansion of testing facilities are pivotal components of Durham Lifting’s growth strategy, positioning the company to tackle more significant and challenging projects, enhancing its portfolio and reputation in the market.

In essence, the expansion of Durham Lifting’s testing facilities under the new ownership signals the company’s upward trajectory, shaping it not only as a business success story but also as a pioneering force in the lifting industry. The Gardiner family’s journey stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership, inspiring not only their team but the entire industry.

Amanda reflects on their journey, stating, “Our story is proof that with the right vision and dedication, any goal is attainable. We hope to inspire not just our team but the entire industry.”

Durham Lifting’s motto, “We do it right,” perfectly encapsulates their ethos, and with plans for further growth and investment, the company is poised for even greater heights. This promises not only success for Durham Lifting but also a lasting impact on the lifting industry.

Durham Lifting Embarks on a New Era of Leadership

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