RGA4 1.5mtr Wire Fall Arrest

The RGA4 is a three way retrieval block fitted with an up/down winch mechanism and the standard fall arrest capability. This unit can be used as a standard fall arrest block, but in the event of a fall, the operative can be winched up or down to safety almost immediately. As most rescue systems lower the casualty, the RGA4 can raise the operative to safe area, if the area below is unsuitable.

The RGA4 can also be fitted to the RGR1 tripod for use in the confined access industry.

Where a 15m maximum length is suitable the RGA4 / RGA4H can provide both fall arrest back-up as well as the rescue provision. If the requirement is for more than 15m, please contact our Sales Team for further details

Accredited ToEN 360 & EN 1496 A&B
Web Material5mm Galvanized Steel Wire Rope, Aluminium Alloy Casing
ConnectorDouble Action, High Tensile Steel Alloy
Max. Arrest Force˂ 6 kN
Approx. Arrest Distance0.5m
Size mmL340 x W220 x D90
FeaturesFall Indicating Connector, Retrieval System, Steadying Handle