Straightpoint Wirelink Plus Cabled Load Cell

Durham Lifting’s Straightpoint Wirelink Plus Cabled Load Cell is manufactured from Aerospace grade aluminium and utilising an advanced internal design structure this range of non-indicating Load cells are extremely light weight, easy to handle and are used worldwide in an array of industries for lifting, pulling, proof and structural load testing.  The extremely versatile platform can be used with digital displays including the Straightpoint handheld plus, PLCs, Data Acquisition systems (DAQ) etc… and configured with a vast array of output formats to include mV/V, RS-422, RS-485, utilizing the ASCII, MODBUS TRU and CAN-BUS protocols.

The Wirelink Plus is supplied with a 10 metre cable as standard however usable cable length varies greatly with lengths available to 1500 metres depending on output format.

A standard analogue output option is available to include:

Part NumberDescription
ICA13 wire 0-10v analogue output
ICA23 wire 0-5v analogue output
ICA34 wire +/- 10v analogue output
ICA43 wire 4-20mA analogue output
ICA52 wire 4-20mA analogue output