TRU Round Stock Grab

Working Load Limit (WLL): 100kg – 4000kg

The TRU round stock grabs are designed to pick up tubes, pipes, rolls or similar round stock material with a diameter of up to 600mm.  They are extremely easy and simple to use and make for safe lifting.

ModelWLL kgJaw Capacity mmWeight kg
TRU 10010050 – 1503.9
TRU 50050035 – 20013.6
TRU 1000100035 – 20013.6
TRU 1500150080 – 30027.0
TRU 3000300080 – 30049.0
TRU 40004000200 – 600204.0

NB: When using the protective lining, it is important that the surfaces are dry, clean and free of oil and grease.