Yale CPS Electric Chain Hoist

One Big Little Hoist. CPS Electric Chain Hoists is available in 250kgs and 500kgs,  its small compact design just keeps lifting and lifting.  3 meters height of lift as standard.  The unit weighs only 12kgs.

Available in 110V, 230V and 400V

Models: CPS110/1-4, CPS230/1-4, CPS400/1-4, CPS110/2-2, CPS230/2-2, CPS400/2-2, CPS400/2-5, CC2063, CC2064, CC2065, CC2066, CC2067 


ModelCapacity (WLL) kgSupplyLifting Speed m/minED Duty {e36f5a91c998de831b71657463ebcebc0f1922fe4adb9f636df27af744ef8d81}Weight kg*
CPS 110/1-4125110v 1ph 50hz4 mpm4012
CPS 230/1-4125230v 1ph 50hz4 mpm4012
CPS 400/1-4125400v 3ph 50hz4 mpm4012
CPS 400/1-10125400v 3ph 50hz10 mpm4012
CPS 110/2-2250110v 1ph 50hz2 mpm4014
CPS 230/2-2250230v 1ph 50hz2 mpm4014
CPS 400/2-2250400v 3ph 50hz2 mpm4014
CPS 400/2-5250400v 3ph 50hz5 mpm4014
* Standard 3 mtr HOL   · Load Chain: 4 x 12mm   · Chain Bags are not inc. As Standard   · Raincoat: (Article no. 4300013113)
Chain BagMaximum Height of Lift (mtr)
125kg Unit250kg Unit