Yale Yalelift 360 MK III Hand Chain Hoist

Ranging from 500kg to 20,000kg

The Yalelift 360° for heavy industrial applications will revolutionise every operation. By means of the 360° handle rotating hand chain guide, the user can operate the hoist from all directions and is no longer directly within the danger zone.

Chain Length: 3 mtrs, 6 mtrs, 9 mtrs, 12 mtrs

ModelCapacity (WLL)
Falls of load chainChain dims.
Lifting height
Closed height
YL 50050015 x 153300
YL 1000100016 x 183335
YL 2000200018 x 243395
YL 30003000110 x 303520
YL 50005000210 x 303654
YL 1000010000310 x 303825
YL 2000020000610 x 3031300