Yale VTE Electric Travel Trolleys – Model VTE 

Yale Electric Travel Trolleys offer a Range of Capacities between 1000 – 5000 kg. Its ideal for transporting loads over long distances.  its complete with a suspension hook which makes it suitable for almost any type of hoist.

ModelCapacity (WLL) kgTravel Speed m/minMotor kWBeam WidthFlange Thickness mmMinimum Curve Radius mClosed Height mmWeight kg
A mmB mm
VTE 1-A/B-18/U*1000180.1858/180180-300190.911319.5
VTE/F 1-A/B-18/U*100018/4.50.18/0.0658/180180-300190.911325.2
VTE 2-A/B-18/U*2000180.1858/180180-300191.1511526.0
VTE/F 2-A/B-18/U*200018/4.50.18/0.0658/180180-300191.1511530.2
VTE 3-A/B-11/U3000110.3774/180180-300271.413951.0
VTE/F 3-A/B-11/U300011/2.80.3/0.0974/180180-300271.413953.0
VTE 5-A/B-11/U5000110.3798/180180-300271.816177.0
VTE/F 5-A/B-AA/U500011/2.80.3/0.0998/180180-300271.816180.0