Yale YH-10/150 Hydraulic Cylinder

Durham Lifting’s Yale YH-10/150 Hydraulic Cylinders are extremely robust double-acting cylinders which are especially designed for universal heavy-duty lifting and positioning applications as well as for industrial production and assembly jobs. The cylinders offer high pushing and pulling forces. The double-acting design assures a high piston retraction speed. Major areas of application are bridge building and civil engineering, off-shore, ship building, etc. They can also be used as power source in frame presses, stamping fixtures and other industrial uses where high pushing and pulling forces are required.

Capacity: 5-200 Tonne
Operating Pressure: 700 bar

Models Available: YH5/30, YH5/80, YH5/150, YH10/30, YH10/80, YH10/150, YH10/250, YH20/50, YH20/150, YH20/250, YH30/200, YH30/350, YH50/150, YH50/350, YH50/500, YH70/150, YH70/350, YH100/50, YH100/150, YH100/350, YH100/500, YH200/150, YH200/350, YH200/500.

ModelCylinder Size TonneCapacity kNStroke mmClosed Height mmWeight kg
YH 5/30550301602.5
YH 5/80550802103.3
YH 5/1505501502804.4
YH 10/3010100301754.0
YH 10/8010100802255.0
YH 10/150101001502956.7
YH 10/250101002503959.0
YH 20/5020200501957.0
YH 20/1502020015031011.0
YH 20/2502020025041014.0
YH 30/2003030020032519.0
YH 30/3503030035051027.0
YH 50/1505050015032527.0
YH 50/3505050035052542.0
YH 50/5005050050068552.0
YH 70/1507070015033537.0
YH 70/3507070035054056.0
YH 100/5010010005026549.0
YH 100/150100100015036564.0
YH 100/350100100035056594.0
YH 100/5001001000500725118.0
Article no.4025092150453
DescriptionYH-10/150 Yale Hydraulic Cylinder
Descriptiondouble acting 700 bar
Weight (kg)6.7
Lift (mm)150
Cylinder size, (t)10
Oil volume max., (cm³)218
Capacity Zug, (kN)45
Pressure gaugeals Zubehör
Pressure relief valveja
Effective plunger area, (cm²)14.3
Effective plunger area pull, (cm²)6.4