Grade 10 (G10, G100) Chain Slings

Grade 10 (or G10) chain slings are becoming more widely used due to their increase in load capacity of +25% over Grade 8. This increase in working load limit (WLL) allows the user in certain circumstances to select a smaller chain diameter than that of G8 which makes the sling lighter and therefore easier to handle. G10 material is also slightly harder than G8 which gives the added benefit of increased toughness and longer service life.

Grade 10 Chain Slings from 5mm to 32mm offer lifting capacities of up to 40 tonnes on a single leg and 85 tonnes on a four leg sling.

An extensive range of chain fittings and accessories are also available, providing the flexibility to configure your Grade 10 Chain Sling assembly to your specific application.

Manufactured in Europe, the Grade 10 chain sling system is one of the most comprehensive on the market today with a level of quality that is second to none.