Grade 10 Chain Slings (G10, G100)

Our Grade 10 Chain Slings (G10, G100) range from 5mm to 32mm and offer lifting capacities of up to 40 tonnes on a single leg and an impressive 85 tonnes on a four-leg sling.

Grade 10 chain slings offer a 25% increase in load capacity over Grade 8 slings, making them an excellent choice for heavy-duty lifting applications. Plus, the increased working load limit (WLL) of our G10 slings means that in certain circumstances, a smaller chain diameter can be used, making the sling lighter and easier to handle.

Our G10 material is also slightly harder than G8, providing increased toughness and a longer service life. Plus, we offer an extensive range of chain fittings and accessories, allowing you to configure your Grade 10 Chain Sling assembly to your specific application.

Choose our Grade 10 chain slings for your heavy-duty lifting needs and experience the difference for yourself!

Our team at Durham Lifting can assist with selecting the appropriate chain size and fitting options for your specific application, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. Fast dispatch from the UK.

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