Grade 12 (G12, G120) Chain Slings

Grade 12 (or G12) chains and fittings offer working load limits 50% higher than those of traditional Grade 8 equivalents and even 20% more than Grade 10 allowing significant weight reductions for any given load.

Grade 12 Chain Slings from 4mm to 16mm offer lifting capacities of up to 26.5 tonnes on a four leg chain sling.

An extensive range of chain fittings and accessories are also available, providing the flexibility to configure your Grade 12 Chain Sling assembly to your specific application.

Manufactured in Europe, the Grade 12 chain sling system is one of the most comprehensive on the market today with a level of quality that is second to none.

The load capacities as shown in the table are the maximum values of the various sling types, stated according to the standard (Uniform Load) method of rating.

If the chain is subjected to extraordinarily severe conditions, the maximum load capacities as listed in the table must be reduced accordingly. Such conditions include high temperatures, asymmetrical loading, edge loading, impact loading etc. In these cases, the load reduction factors as listed on page 20 must be taken into account. The operating manual also contains information on different conditions and their effects on the load capacities.